Wildlife and Nature photography by Kevin Keatley

Kingfisher wide angle

Kingfisher - Adult female on a Devon river


Kingfisher with wings open just after catching fish ( Alcedo atthis )

Kingfisher silhouette

Working the light - Silhouette of Kingfisher on reed mace just after sunrise

Kingfisher on read mace

Kingfisher on read mace - back lit. I took advantage of the early summer sunrise to get this back lit shot. As the sun came up I had a nice side light to some 'normal' Kingfisher shots.

set up and waiting

Planning done, now set up and waiting in the hide. Misty sunrise and soft backlight, all looking good.

Misty morning Kingfisher

The planning has come together. Perfect misty sunrise, soft backlight and the Kingfisher has come to visit just before the mist has burnt off the river.


Adult male Kingfisher on fishing rod

Kingfisher on camera

Adult female Kingfisher on my camera lens

Kingfisher display

Female Kingfisher driving off second Kingfisher from it's favourite hunting spot.

Backlit Kingfisher

Kingfisher on branch back lit in the morning light